Our Mission
 To repair, restore and conserve wooden artifacts as perfectly as possible.
We offer authentic, and complete restoration services for family heirlooms and
museum grade furniture.

Today, many of our family and American heritage pieces are being lost to the ravages
of time. The franchise based refinishing shop has been the only option available for
antique restoration. Most franchises provide a few weeks of employee training, hence,
all artifacts are processed  the same. They are simply dipped, stripped and refinished,
losing all of their historical record and value.   

We believe that fine antiques should be treated with the care and deference that their
venerable age deserves, and VALUE necessitates.
Our philosophy is that the integrity
of the piece is key and that it will not be violated.

We adhere to the following:

- Period appropriate components will be used whenever possible
- Degraded finishes will be restored with the same finish material
- Hide glues and reproduction fasteners of the period will be used
- Missing wood will be repaired with like wood

Through out our work, we leverage years of education and training to provide the best
result possible. Many of our techniques have taken years to acquire and perfect.

Our mission is to restore the original beauty of the piece, as well as to enhance its
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