The Craftsmanship of Kevin Seigworth

Kevin participates in numerous educational opportunities to further develop his woodworking skills.
Kevin has apprenticed in a cabinet and studio furniture shop.  Kevin has taken classes from some of
the top woodworkers in America.  Kevin recently concluded a series of five finishing workshops
conducted by Encore Restorations. In 2004, Kevin was named Woodworker of the Year by the
Wisconsin Woodworkers Guild. His work is displayed in many fine homes and commercial
establishments. Kevin has now made his custom work available to the public, an example is listed
below. Kevin can be contacted via the Encore Contact Page.
Encore  Restorations                                                 
Preserving American History

When Sam Maloof died in 2009, the spark was lit to attempt to build one of his iconic rockers. I began
to read all I could find about Sam and his work while looking for a set of plans for the rocker. I could
find none. Then a woodworking friend pointed me to Charles Brock who was offering a set of plans
based on his time with Sam in a workshop. I bought the plans and built the rocker you see here.  This
rocker begins as rough sawn two inch thick Black Walnut, Sam’s signature wood. The band saw is used
to do the rough shaping but then there is a tremendous amount of hand work required with rasps,
spoke shaves and sandpaper. There are very few straight lines on this rocker with its combination
of flowing and curving hard and soft lines.  

The Maloof rockers are known for their beautiful exposed joinery. Sam thought that if a woodworker
was going to work so hard to make a joint perfect, why hide it. He originated using a set of router bits
to make the exposed bridle joint that joins the seat and legs.  Sam also developed his signature finish
which is a blend of tung oil, boiled linseed oil and varnish. This is then top coated with a similar mixture
except bees wax is substituted for the varnish.  The result is a silky smooth surface that invites you to
touch it and have a seat.

This is a very comfortable rocking chair that would be a great addition to and could become the center
piece of any room