The Craftsmanship of Kevin Seigworth
Woodworking is a creative outlet for Kevin that offers endless
opportunities to learn new skills and techniques. He sees
woodworking as a very hands-on experience that is a nice contrast to
the corporate world.

Kevin participates in numerous educational opportunities to further
develop his woodworking skills. Kevin has apprenticed in a cabinet and
studio furniture shop.  Kevin has taken classes from some of the top
woodworkers in America.  Kevin recently concluded a series of five
finishing workshops conducted by Encore Restorations.  

In 2004, Kevin was named Woodworker of the Year by the Wisconsin
Woodworkers Guild.    His work is displayed in many fine homes and
commercial establishments.

Kevin has now made his custom work available to the public, several
examples are listed below.  Kevin can be contacted via the Encore
Contact Page.
Cutting Boards
Maloof  Style Rocker
Encore  Restorations                                                 
Preserving American History