My professional interests have always been centered around elements of design,
creation and restoration.

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona, with an
undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Several years later, I
completed a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering also from the University of
Arizona. For over 10 years, I was a professional engineer for the IBM
Corporation. My experience at IBM refined my ability to work in a precise way,
with repeatable results, designing precision jigs and tools to aid in the process of
exacting and unique assembly.  During this period, I advanced my education in
furniture making by completing a number of furniture making courses at the

Marc Adams
School of Woodworking and the Furniture Institution of
Massachusetts.  In my world, precision engineering and furniture making were a
natural fit.

After completing my IBM career in 2008, I enrolled and graduated with high
honors from the furniture restoration program at the
National Institute of Wood
Finishing , located in Minneapolis,Mn. Since then, attending advanced
workshops, hosted by
Don Williams, a Smithsonian furniture conservator,
contributes greatly to expanding and challenging my core knowledge of "
EVERYTHING ", including museum grade restoration practices.

In the summer of 2009, Encore Restorations opened its doors.

From December or 2010 until February of 2011, I completed a 3 month working
internship with the Senior House Restorer,
Tredway Childress, at the restoration
shop of the United States House of Representatives in Washington D.C. My work
experience in Washington was featured in multiple publications including the
local newspaper the -
Green Bay Press Gazette.

In August of 2013, I returned to Washington DC. as part of a small team tasked
with restoring the Dias on the floor of the House of Representatives.
The Dias, from which the President address the nation, is the most recognized
wooden artifact in the history of mankind. It was an incredible honor to be a
part of that select team.

Green Bay, Wisconsin continues to be a fantastic place to live and work with it's
rich history of European craftsmanship and natural beauty.  
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"I highly recommend Encore.  I found them to
be professional and reasonable. They did a
remarkable job with my Ethan Allen desk, which
looked NEW when they were finished.  They
take get great pride in their
work. "   

Art Estopinan
Washington, DC
Chief of Staff - US House of Representatives