Restoration work  - Verbal Estimates

We provide the following:
Free verbal “estimates” based upon your description of the
work needed.  Verbal estimates can wildly fluctuate and
are primarily used to give you a “ballpark” or  an order of
magnitude idea of likely costs.

Restoration work  - Written Estimates

Because of the time these can take , there may be an
estimating fee which you are informed of up front. These
proposals are fixed price

Artifact and Antique Touch-Up

Addressing small areas of damage. We provide a
description of the work to be done and the fixed cost.

Building Custom Furniture

Each custom piece is unique and thus the cost is as well.  
Cost vary depending upon designs and materials.  A cost
estimate is provided after a full understanding of the
project.  We also proudly offer
 Kevin Seigworth's
custom furniture.

Classes and Education Services

We offer classes on various finishing practices , such as
French polishing,  color theory,  spraying and general
finishing concepts.  Please contact us for details and costs.


Most true restores  have a waiting list and we are no
exception. Typically the waiting list is about 3 months,
though sometimes we are able to complete simple jobs in a
short period (one week)
Encore Restorations                                                                                                       
YOUR American Heritage